2 Updates That Will Help You Use Less Water At Home


Do you feel like your household uses too much water each day? Wasting water is not a wise thing to do for environmental reasons, but there are ways you can reduce the amount of water your family uses. To do this, you will need to hire a plumber to make some changes in your bathrooms, and here are two of the changes that could make a difference with your family's water consumption.

27 February 2015

Learn How To Avoid These Three Common Holiday Plumbing Issues


How much time do you spend planning for the holiday season? You probably create detailed to-do lists for everything from decorations to food. With so much to do, your home's plumbing probably doesn't even cross your mind—but it should. The fact is, with extra guests in your home, you're preparing larger meals, washing more dishes, and more people are using your restroom. If you aren't careful, having additional people in your home could result in plumbing problems.

21 October 2014