Common Questions About Heating Systems New Homeowners Often Have


Heating systems are essential for almost any type of building, but these systems are complicated enough to be vulnerable to a series of problems. These problems can impact the efficiency of the system, and this can force you to pay for expensive repairs and very high energy bills. Luckily, you can help improve your knowledge about this topic, and this should in turn help you better understand what your heating system needs to work at its maximum efficiency.

31 March 2015

Can My Cat's Litter Box Affect My Furnace?


One of the struggles that comes with owning a cat is where to place their litter box. Many homeowners want it completely out of the way, so they choose to put it in a place where guests rarely go. If you make the decision to put the cat's litter box next to your furnace, you should be aware of the potential effects it may cause. Dirty Flame Sensor Every time your cat uses the litter box and goes to bury their waste, there is a cloud of dust that will come out from it.

25 March 2015

3 Top-Notch Tips For Installing A Sink


Nothing could be more frustrating than not having a sink where you want one. Luckily, putting in a new sink on your own may be easier than you think. If you've got a countertop in your home that's just begging for a new sink, read on. This article will provide three tips to make the installation process a breeze. Tip #1: Use a jar or can to round the edges of your cut-out.

13 March 2015

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Home's Pipes


Your home's pipes transport massive amounts of water each and every day. Over time, general wear and tear can cause leaks or damage, which requires extensive and expensive repairs and replacements that can disrupt the flow of your life. However, by completing a few simple acts of maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your home's pipes, ensuring that your plumbing works properly for as long as possible. Maintaining Your Plumbing

9 March 2015

2 Updates That Will Help You Use Less Water At Home


Do you feel like your household uses too much water each day? Wasting water is not a wise thing to do for environmental reasons, but there are ways you can reduce the amount of water your family uses. To do this, you will need to hire a plumber to make some changes in your bathrooms, and here are two of the changes that could make a difference with your family's water consumption.

27 February 2015

Learn How To Avoid These Three Common Holiday Plumbing Issues


How much time do you spend planning for the holiday season? You probably create detailed to-do lists for everything from decorations to food. With so much to do, your home's plumbing probably doesn't even cross your mind—but it should. The fact is, with extra guests in your home, you're preparing larger meals, washing more dishes, and more people are using your restroom. If you aren't careful, having additional people in your home could result in plumbing problems.

21 October 2014