Why Food Waste Should Not Be Entering Your Grease Trap


If you own a restaurant and have installed a grease trap to take care of the fats and oils that pass down your drains, then you have taken the first step in investing in the health of your drainage system. This can help to greatly reduce clog issues, especially the ones that require professional assistance. While this is true, you still may be making one mistake that can lead to substantial issues.

2 August 2017

What Are The Primary Sources Of Clogged Drains?


You may experience clogged drains in both your kitchen and bathroom drains, yet the clogging agents will be very different, depending on the drain location. If your family is aware of these potentially troublesome materials, you can keep them out of your drain lines and avoid the need for clogged drains services: Everything in the kitchen sink: Using your sink as a garbage can Many individuals will casually toss any food byproducts into their kitchen sink, confident that their garbage disposal will process the materials sufficiently to allow them to pass through your drain pipes.

27 July 2017

Rising Waters, Flooding, Burst Pipes & Mold Issues: 3 Tips to Prevent Mold After Flooding


Flooding in your home is sometimes caused by plumbing problems, such as burst pipes and backed up sewer lines. You probably did not expect it to happen to you, but it did. What is next? Cleaning up is going to be a priority, and you want to make sure your home is free of mold when waters subside. You will need to remove damaged materials, sediments and dry your home out.

25 July 2017

3 Tips For Taking Better Care Of Your Drains


Drains are a crucial yet rather unappreciated aspect of most homes. Most people forget all about their home's drains until something goes wrong, such as a frequently clogged kitchen sink or a backed up bathtub. Taking good care of your drains can not only prevent these sorts of problems from ever happening, but is also good for your plumbing system as a whole. Here are three tips for taking better care of your drains:

12 July 2017

Three Signs That You Need A Sewer Repair


Your sewer is a very important part of your home's makeup because it takes care of all the sewage that you and your family create. Since your sewer is so important, it is essential that you ensure it is always functioning as it should. Thankfully there are some things to look out for to make sure your sewer has no issues. That article will discuss 3 signs that you need a sewer repair.

12 July 2017

Five Benefits Of Soft Water


Whether you live in the country or in town, you may have hard water. Hard water is water that has a high quantity of natural minerals. These can affect the taste and efficacy of your water for cleaning and household tasks. If you're on the fence about whether an in-home water softener will make a difference, there are actually several factors to consider. A water softening system can give you many benefits.

6 July 2017

How To Save More Money In Your Bathroom With One Appliance


As any homeowner knows, water bills can be quite high depending on where you live and how many people live in your home. Between showers, baths, hand washing and kitchen activity, it can be difficult to keep water use to a minimum to save money. Thankfully, there's one way you can save some water everyday without inconveniencing your household. In fact, you may find it to be far more useful to your bathroom than you expected.

28 June 2017

Common Signs That Your Home's Sewer Main Line Is Clogged


Homes that are connected to a municipal sewer system have a number of pipes, but just one makes it possible for grey water and waste to exit the home and flow into the sewer system. Unfortunately, if a home's sewer main line is not properly maintained, it can result in disgusting sewage back-ups and expensive repair costs. Luckily, there are usually a number of signs that can let you know that your sewer main line is in trouble so you can contact a full service plumbing company for assistance.

21 June 2017

Working On The Basement? 3 Projects To Undertake By Hiring A Plumber


When you bought your home, you may have taken ownership of a beautiful home with an unfinished basement. Using the basement in this condition is still possible, especially for storage purposes, but you want to transform it into something with lots of functionality by making it an extension of your home. You will need to take on various projects, but you should hire a plumber early on for planning and execution.

14 June 2017

How Polybutylene Pipes Increase The Risk Of Pests (And Why Pipe Replacement Helps)


When leaks occur in a home, it requires a skilled plumber to avoid a serious problem. This is especially true with polybutylene piping, which is still common in many older houses. In fact, leaks in this piping may lead to an invasion of dangerous and destructive pests. The Problems With Polybutylene Pipe Polybutylene piping was discontinued after the 90s because it was found to break down easily and cause leaks in a home.

9 June 2017