Five Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Flushed


Hard water can be tough on your hot water heater. The residue from excessive minerals in the water can lead to a host of issues. Fortunately, most are avoidable with annual flushing maintenance. Know the signs of mineral buildup so you can schedule a water heater flush when needed. Water Discoloration Discolored water happens when minerals in the tank build up or when rust affects the interior of the tank. The water may leave behind a white or yellowish residue from mineralization, or it may appear red or orange.

23 July 2020

About Hydro Jetting


Sometimes you will end up with a clog in your drain that is simple enough to fix. If the clog is in the sink, you use a sink plunger and if it's in the toilet, you use the larger plunger. With a few pumps, you can free up the clog and be done with it. However, this is when you are dealing with a small clog that's close to the surface.

19 June 2020

Three Signs That You Need To Replace Your Plumbing Pipes


Most people rarely think about the pipes that supply water to their homes and to each individual tap throughout the house. Yet, if these pipes fail, you could end up with major water damage throughout the house. The following are three signs that you may need to replace your pipes sooner rather than later. Your Home Is More Than 20 Years Old Most modern homes are equipped with corrosion-resistant piping, such as those made from copper or polyvinyl materials.

15 May 2020

This Is Why You Should Choose an Electric Water Heater


When it comes time to replace a water heater, you have a decision to make between an electric and a gas water heater. If you've had a gas water heater for a while, you might not see any reason to switch, but making the switch to an electric water heater could mean a big difference in your life. Here are three ways you can benefit from making the switch. Uses Less Energy

15 April 2020

Water Heater Leaks: What Important Things Do You Need To Know?


If your hot water heater has a slow but steady leak, you may not think you need immediate repairs on your appliance. However, even a slow and steady leak can indicate a much larger and potentially dangerous problem with your hot water heater. Here are important things to know about your leaking hot water heater today. What Potential Issues Can Your Appliance Have? Most homeowners rely on their hot water heaters for many things around the home, including cooking, bathing, and washing clothes.

12 March 2020

Tips For Recognizing Problems With Your Home's Main Sewer Line


If you are a homeowner, ensuring that your plumbing system is in good repair is important. In most cases, a residential plumbing system can sustain regular use without any issues, but when there is a problem with the main sewer line, it is important to hire a residential plumber to make repairs and resolve the issue. A residential main sewer line is a large pipe that connects a home to the municipal sewer system and ensures that all household waste is properly disposed of.

7 February 2020

Three Key Areas To Install Point-Of-Use Hot Water Systems In Your Home


If it's time to replace your home's hot water heater, you might be thinking that this is the perfect time to transition to a tankless water heater system. Before you schedule an appointment with any tankless water heater installers, you should consider the potential for point-of-use tankless hot water heaters. There are a few key locations where you could install point-of-use tankless hot water heaters to help ensure consistent, reliable hot water in your home.

17 January 2020

Opening A Brick-And-Mortar Business? Why You Need To Locate A Commercial Plumber Immediately


Operating your business out of a brick-and-mortar location can be very beneficial. It builds customer confidence when they know that if there is a problem with your products or services, they can easily find you in a physical building. With so many companies streaming from the virtual arena you are setting yourself up for some keen advantages that can really work in your favor. If you're just about ready to move in and think you have all of the pieces in play, give the situation a little more thought.

2 January 2020

Septic Tank Filling Up Abnormally Fast? It Could Be a Hole in Your Pipe


When you live with a septic tank, you have a general idea of how long it will take for that tank to need to be emptied. After all, if you wait too long you can have spillage in your yard, and that's something that no home owner wants to deal with. But if you've noticed that your septic tank seems to be filling up faster than it used to with no major change in the way you and your family utilize your home plumbing, it may indicate that there's a problem with the pipes leading to the tank.

14 December 2019

4 Factors To Consider When Buying A New Hot Water Heater


When a hot water heats starts to make strange sounds and starts to act up in other ways, it will likely be time to either repair or replace the device. If the device is at least eight years old, you might want to consider replacing it, as it may not have much life left to it. To replace it, you will need to carefully consider what type of unit to purchase, and here are some of the top factors to consider as you make this decision.

23 October 2019