Three Signs That You Need To Replace Your Plumbing Pipes


Most people rarely think about the pipes that supply water to their homes and to each individual tap throughout the house. Yet, if these pipes fail, you could end up with major water damage throughout the house. The following are three signs that you may need to replace your pipes sooner rather than later.

Your Home Is More Than 20 Years Old

Most modern homes are equipped with corrosion-resistant piping, such as those made from copper or polyvinyl materials. Older homes are more likely to contain pipes made from polybutylene, a metal that is prone to pitting and corrosion when exposed to oxidizing elements in the water. Some older homes may also still have lead pipes, which can leach dangerous lead into your drinking and bathing water. Homes that are more than half a century old may not have lead or polybutylene pipes, but they'll have cast iron or steel instead. Although these materials can last decades, due to the age of the pipes, they may be reaching the end of their useful life.

The Pipes Are Springing Constant Leaks

Does it seem like you are constantly calling in your plumber for emergency repairs? If so, and leaky pipes have been the reason for those calls, then it's time to consider a pipe replacement. As pipes age, they can develop pits and holes that allow small leaks to happen. You may not even notice the leaks at first. Instead, the first sign may be a slow increase in your water usage even though your family isn't turning on the taps more often. You may also start to notice mustiness, mildew on the walls, or other signs of water damage in the home. If you suspect that the pipes in your walls are leaking, even if the leak is only minor, you need to call a plumber right away.

There Are Signs of Corrosion

The quality of the water coming out of your pipes can be a  major indicator that replacement is due. Rusty orange or brown water can indicate pipes are rusting and corroding. Green or bluish tints to the water can mean the same thing. You may also begin to see grit in the water as the metal flakes and starts flowing into sinks and tubs. If your municipal water doesn't have high iron content but you begin to find rust-colored stains around drains or on clothing as it comes out of the washer, then corroding and flaking pipes may be the cause.

Contact a plumber in your area for help in determining whether your home is due for a pipe replacement.


15 May 2020

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