This Is Why You Should Choose an Electric Water Heater


When it comes time to replace a water heater, you have a decision to make between an electric and a gas water heater. If you've had a gas water heater for a while, you might not see any reason to switch, but making the switch to an electric water heater could mean a big difference in your life. Here are three ways you can benefit from making the switch.

Uses Less Energy

Electric water heaters typically use considerably less energy than gas heaters. This is due to a combination of them being more energy-efficient as well as not relying on gas, which often costs more than electricity. By using less energy, you'll save money on your power bill and you'll be doing your part to help the environment.

No Threat of a Gas Leak

Many people are starting to shift away from having gas-powered appliances and water heaters because of the risk that gas carries. As you already know, gas is extremely flammable and can also poison a household if a gas leak occurs. There's also the risk of fire and explosions if a gas leak is followed by a spark or an attempt to re-light a gas water heater. By switching to an electric water heater, you can ensure that you're no longer at risk for any of these problems. Electric water heaters are typically harmless, as the heating element is contained inside and there's no exposure to direct current.

Comes in Both Varieties

When it comes time to upgrade to a new water heater, you might be interested in making the switch to a tankless variety, or you might want to stay with a traditional tank water heater. The good news is that both are available in an electric format. While tankless water heaters will likely save you the most amount of energy in the long run, if a water heater with a tank is your preference, you can still make the switch to electric, save cash, and avoid the risk of a gas leak, which is usually a big enough deal for most people to make the shift.

Water heaters don't have to be dangerous or expensive to keep running. With an electric water heater, your family will be safer, your bills will be smaller, and you will still have the freedom of choice on the make and model that you choose. 

To learn more about water heater replacement, contact a plumber in your area.


15 April 2020

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