Water Heater Leaks: What Important Things Do You Need To Know?


If your hot water heater has a slow but steady leak, you may not think you need immediate repairs on your appliance. However, even a slow and steady leak can indicate a much larger and potentially dangerous problem with your hot water heater. Here are important things to know about your leaking hot water heater today.

What Potential Issues Can Your Appliance Have?

Most homeowners rely on their hot water heaters for many things around the home, including cooking, bathing, and washing clothes. Appliances that experience heavy usage can wear down quickly. One of the problems that can arise from heavy usage is leaks. Leaks can occur in any area of your hot water heater, including in the storage tank.

Depending on their size, storage tanks can generally safely hold 50 to 80 gallons of water at any given time. If your tank isn't large enough to handle your family's household needs, it can struggle to keep up with your demands. The tank may eventually give out and leak. 

The tank also contains a small device known as the temperature and pressure relief valve. The valve kicks on whenever the temperature inside your water heater increases above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water inside your water heater constantly exceeds the recommended temperature, the valve may eventually wear down and leak. The valve may also fuse in place or stick, which prevents it from opening and closing properly.

There may be other problems you need to look for in your hot water heater. The best way to find these issues is to call a plumbing company today.

What Emergency Repairs Should You Get Today?

A plumber can check the temperature and pressure relief valve and other components inside your water heater. A contractor may also examine the storage tank for you. If your hot water heater has problems with the valve, a repair technician can replace the device. Your hot water heater will continue to have problems if you don't replace the valve.

There may also be a small leak in the inlet and outlet pipes on your hot water heater. Corrosion can cause tiny holes to form in the pipes. The tiny holes can gradually increase in size and severity. 

If a contractor finds a leak in the storage tank, replace the appliance. Leaking storage tanks are generally irreparable and must be replaced right away. A plumber can recommend appliances that may work better for you. 

If you have concerns about your leaking hot water heater, email or call a plumber for help.


12 March 2020

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