Are All Septic Tanks The Same?


You might think all septic tanks are the same. While the overall function of septic tanks is consistent, a septic tank can be designed in a number of different materials. If you plan to install a new tank for your home, learn about some of the different material options so that you can make the most informed choice. 


In terms of durability, no other septic tank options can compare to concrete. A concrete tank installed by a professional has the potential to last the entire time the person lives in the home. However, it's important to note that such a high level of durability does not come without some cost. 

Compared to other tanks, a concrete installation is often more expensive. Yet, given its weight, the tank will generally remain intact even in the case of a flood.

The only real setback of concrete is that it does require maintenance from time to time to prevent cracking. While concrete is an investment, it's an investment well worth its cost. 


Steel tanks have been around for quite some time. Steel tanks are low cost and often relatively easy to install.

However, steel tanks can come along with several problems. The worst of these problems is rust. The constant contact with moisture can cause the tank to rust. As the rust spreads, the structure of the tank starts to deteriorate. 

Eventually, the deterioration leads to a hole in the septic tank, which causes a leak. A septic tank leak is more than just an inconvenience. It's also a health hazard. You should think long and hard about the potential risk a steel tank presents. 


Fiberglass tanks are one of the newer material options in the septic tank world. Fiberglass is not at risk of shifting or bending from ground movement. While the material is also not the most durable option available, the fiberglass is not at risk for corrosion like some other options. 

A fiberglass tank can also generally maintain its structure in the event of a small flood. In a major flood, the tank is more likely to float away. For a person that needs a low-cost installation but doesn't want to sacrifice quality and structural integrity, a fiberglass tank is an option. 

Each of the different materials come with their share of pros and cons. While a general understanding of each of the options is a good starting place, you should ultimately refer to a professional to make your decision. A septic tank services professional can help you make the right selection based on your local area and your specific needs. 


3 August 2018

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