This Is Why Your Home Pipe Repair Isn't Working


Sometimes fixing a leaky or broken pipe at home is straightforward, so homeowners try to take care of the task themselves. This can work well, but there are times when the repair just won't hold, and the problem appears again and again. That doesn't necessarily mean that you or whoever fixed the pipe did a bad job; the repair can fail for a few reasons.

You Fixed Only Part of the Problem

One of the more likely issues is that you fixed part of the problem, but not all of it. Maybe there's a small crack in the connector between pipes, or another pipe is loose. On a more serious scale is the possibility that there is a foundation problem that has the house "settling" a lot more than it should, and that's pulling the pipes slightly out of whack. That's something that you need to have addressed immediately. No repairs will hold for long if the pipe is constantly being pulled even slightly. 

You Forgot the Plumber's Tape

Plumber's tape around the threads of a pipe connection is such a small thing physically, but it's a major step that will prevent leaks. If you're seeing moisture around a connection, and you didn't use plumber's tape, that's likely the issue. Remove the pipe, add plumber's tape (about three to four full turns around the threads should be enough), and tighten the pipe again. Turn on the water and wait; you shouldn't see moisture. If you do, turn off the water and try rewrapping the threads again, maybe with one or two more extra turns of tape. If you still have a problem after that, contact a plumber for help.

You've Got Pressure Problems

Water pressure can do more damage than many people realize. If the water pressure coming into your home is excessive, that can make pipes vibrate and loosen, cause water to break through weak spots, and cause phantom toilet-tank running, among other problems. 

If you've had multiple leaks and have tried fixing them only to see them spring open again, a water pressure problem is very likely. You can install pressure-reducing valves to try to mitigate the problem. Don't delay fixing this; if you're unsure about adding the valve yourself, call a plumber.

Repairs that are DIY are often successful, but sometimes the problems are beyond your ability. Call your local pipe repair services for pipe repairs that will stick. 


11 July 2018

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