Staying Safe With Your HVAC System


When most people think of HVAC, they only think of heating and cooling. The variety of safety concerns that are part and parcel of a home's HVAC system can be easily overlooked. Unfortunately, this can be hazardous to your family. The following guide can help you address safety concerns while ensuring your HVAC system is performing correctly.

Hazard: Dirty Filter

Why? A dirty filter is a hidden hazard. It can contain irritants like pollen and molds, which can make some people very sick. The reduced air circulation and air flow through the house can also lead to mold growth elsewhere. Fortunately, this is a simple issue to fix on your own. Make sure you know where every filter is along your HVAC system, as some utilize more than one. Then, change them out monthly when the system is in operation.

Hazard: Pilot lights

Why? A pilot light on the furnace part of your HVAC system is there to ignite the natural gas to fuel the system. If the light goes out, you end up with a dangerous gas leak and the possibility for an explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. Issues with gas valves can also be the cause, which is a further concern. If your pilot flame flickers or burns any color but blue, then you need to have the system checked for problems by a technician. The light should stay lit, so there is a problem if you need to relight it often. Sputtering or burning too cold or too hot can indicate an issue with the gas delivery system or light itself. It's also important to install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors so you are alerted to issues early.

Hazard: Outdated electrical system

Why? Older circuit breakers and electrical wiring may not be up to the task of running a modern HVAC system. The drain of the modern system may overload the electrical system, leading to power outages, or even a fire danger. This strain can also be hard on the HVAC system, leading to the need for more frequent repairs or replacements. If your electrical system is more than a few years older than the HVAC appliances, it's time to schedule an inspection. You may need to update the system or have surge protectors installed on the lines leading to the HVAC system in order to avoid problems.

For more help, schedule an inspection and maintenance appointment with an HVAC company like H.R. Stewart Inc. near you.


22 June 2018

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