Four Plumbing Truths From A Popular Plumbing Brothers Video Game


Ever since the mid-80's, kids have been playing a popular video game that involves a famous and iconic plumber. That plumber character was later joined by his only slightly less iconic plumbing brother in several romping adventures through pipes and sewers galore. Oddly enough, while this game is meant for pure entertainment, it does present a handful of truths in regards to plumbers and plumbing. Here are a few of those truths.

Sometimes You Have to Crawl into a Pipe or Culvert to Solve a Problem in the Sewers

Plumbers often have to go into places that most other people would not dare to go. This includes culvert pipes that empty into waterways and culvert pipes that are under water already. Clogs and issues with pipes are not reserved to the skinny pipes in your house; they happen everywhere and to every kind of pipe.

You Never Know What You Will Find in a Pipe or Sewer

People flush their pets down the toilet. Fish, lizards, frogs, snakes--you name it, it gets flushed. Besides pets, a lot of other things end up down the pipes and in the sewers, including jewelry and toys. In the pipes in your home, a plumber could pull out everything from your missing diamond earring to your toothbrush or a spoon! In city sewers, literally anything goes.

Sometimes a Plumber Does Have to Swim and Dive 

Flooded sewers experiencing a clog often have to be cleared by a plumber who can swim and dive. The same holds true for cesspools and sewage holding tanks in a water treatment facility. Plumbers have to don diving suits and scuba gear to get down to the nitty gritty and find out what the problem is and how to get out again. It is not a fun job, and you are frequently limited to the amount of time you have to resolve the issue (due to air in your tanks and the toxins in the sewers/sewage).

A Job Well Done Has Its Rewards

Just like in the popular video game, a plumbing job well done has its rewards. Customers will remember the plumbers that did an excellent job for an affordable price. Plumbers get repeat business and notoriety as the right plumbers for the job. Every single plumbing job can lead to an adventure or misadventure, but it ends up being interesting work all the same (and your parents never thought a video game would teach you anything!).

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11 January 2018

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