Five Benefits Of Soft Water


Whether you live in the country or in town, you may have hard water. Hard water is water that has a high quantity of natural minerals. These can affect the taste and efficacy of your water for cleaning and household tasks. If you're on the fence about whether an in-home water softener will make a difference, there are actually several factors to consider. A water softening system can give you many benefits.

1. Your dishes will look better.

Are you tired of pulling cups, glasses, and silverware out of the dishwasher, only to find them cloudy, looking as though they haven't been washed at all? Hard water leaves deposits on your dishes. If you have a water softener installed, your dishes will feel and appear cleaner — without needing to spend all that extra money on rinse aids, dishwasher cleaners, and additives. 

2. Your showers will work more effectively.

With hard water, it can be difficult to work up a lather in your hair. Your skin might still feel slippery or even dirty after scrubbing with a cloth. Your hair will feel coarse after conditioning. With soft water, you'll use less soap and shampoo, especially if you have long hair, and your hair will feel better overall. An added benefit is that cleaning out the tub, sink, and shower in the bathroom with be easier, because if you're using less soap, you'll have less soap scum and deposits on your shower and sink. 

3. You'll have cleaner, longer-lasting laundry.

Washing your clothes in hard water will get rid or dirt and stains, but your white laundry will start to look grey over time. Hard water minerals deposit in the fibers of the cloth, affecting the overall color of your clothes. For water that is high in iron as well as calcium, white clothes can even start to look greyish yellow. Hard water is less effective than soft water in fully washing away soap as well, which can leave your clothes feeling as though they still have a residue left behind, like a film on a dish. 

Because these minerals are hard on your fabric, clothes washed in hard water will also wear out faster than those washed in soft water. Finally, you can save money on fabric softener and washer add-ins with soft water because fabric naturally is softer without the traces of minerals left behind in the fibers. 

4. Your appliances will last longer.

As you use your appliances will hard water, a film will build up on all components that filter, transfer, or dispense water. You'll need to de-calcify your kitchen faucet frequently. Your coffee maker will not last as long because the buildup of minerals inside the machine increases the wear and tear on moving parts. Your dishwasher will have a similar problem. Any appliance, including your clothes washer, will have a shorter lifespan and require more repairs. The biggest benefit to investing in a water softening system is money savings from this area alone. 

5. Your water will taste better.

Many minerals in hard water affect the taste of that water. The most telling taste offenders are sulfur, iron, calcium, and magnesium. Water softening systems can keep iron, manganese, and sulfur levels at a level where they do not become a health or taste concern, which can happen with well water that is not filtered and controlled by a municipal water supply.

If you are fed up with the effects of hard water on your appliances, clothes, showering habits, and dishes, contact a local plumber about installing a water softening system. Don't forget to have your water tested for other minerals that might need to be filtered out of your water as well. Check out websites like to learn more.


6 July 2017

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