Working On The Basement? 3 Projects To Undertake By Hiring A Plumber


When you bought your home, you may have taken ownership of a beautiful home with an unfinished basement. Using the basement in this condition is still possible, especially for storage purposes, but you want to transform it into something with lots of functionality by making it an extension of your home. You will need to take on various projects, but you should hire a plumber early on for planning and execution.

Laundry Room

An excellent place to put a laundry room is in the basement because it saves you space on the main living floors. If you have a washer and dryer in the garage or even the pantry, you will appreciate how much space you can save by transferring this down to the basement in its own dedicated room. This change will also reduce how much noise you hear from the washer and dryer, which is ideal for your family. Working with a plumber is essential because they can help you choose the right spot, lay down the framework, and eventually install the washer, dryer, and a utility sink that you can use for hand washing laundry.


Another project that you will need help from a plumber for is creating a bathroom. Even if you are just making a half bathroom with a toilet and sink, their expertise will still be needed throughout the process. If there are not walls set up to designate how large the bathroom is or where it goes, you should get help from a plumber because they will know what placement will cost the least and be the easiest to handle.


Putting a kitchen in the basement is not necessary, but it is one way that you can take this into an extra living space for family and friends to stay at when they are visiting from out of state. If you provide a full kitchen, you can even turn this space into a rental as a way to generate some monthly income. You will want to put in a refrigerator and freezer, but you may also want help with installing a dishwasher. This room will also need a large sink and installing a garbage disposal can make upkeep considerably easier.

An unfinished basement has so much potential, which should be quite exciting as a homeowner because you can hire a plumbing contractor, begin working on some projects, and start seeing real progress in the space.


14 June 2017

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