Tips For Preparing Your Sump Pump For Installation


If you have a wet basement that you want to keep dry, then it may be in your best interest to install a sump pump. Once you add a pit to your basement and figure out tall your discharge pipe needs to be, you need to prepare your sump pump device for installation in the pit. There are a few things you need to do before setting your pump in the opening to make sure it works correctly. Keep reading to find out what these things are.

Prepare The Output Opening

Your new sump pump will have an output opening on the side that allows water to be forced up and out of the sump pit. This opening needs to be fitted with an adapter and an output pipe. The key to inserting these pieces is to make sure they are secured tightly in the output opening. You will need a male threaded adapter that matches the diameter of the discharge port. Most openings are about one-and-a-half inches in diameter. Keep this in mind when buying the discharge adapter. 

Use pliers to secure the adapter in place and tighten it by twisting it into place. Once the adapter is secured, you need to fit the bottom of the discharge pipe into the adapter. While you can simply push the pipe into place, you want to secure it strongly in the adapter with the help of some PVC cement. The best cement to use is one made with a solvent. Spread a generous amount of the solvent on the inside of the adapter and slip the PVC pipe into place. Let the cement cure before continuing with your project.

Secure The Wiring

Your sump pump will have an electrical cord attached to it. This cord provides the sump pump with power, and it is a waterproof cord that can come into direct contact with water. While the cord is waterproof, you do not want it sitting in the pooled water at the bottom of the sump pit. Debris can come into contact with the cord and wear away the outer coating. Also, the cord can become tangled and pull out of its socket.

To make sure the cord remains in good shape and does not dislodge, secure it to the discharge pipe. Run the cord along the discharge pipe and use zip ties to secure it. Use one tie at the very bottom of the pipe and another towards the top where the pipe emerges from the pit. When using the ties, make sure the cord has a little bit of give so the ties do not place a great deal of stress on the electrical cord. 

Talk with a local sump pump installation contractor for more tips.


13 May 2017

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