Creating A Safer Bathroom


The bathroom can be a dangerous room for anyone in your family. There are a lot of areas where a person can slip or they can get caught up trying to navigate around the bathtub. If you would like to take steps to make sure that your bathroom is as safe as possible, then you will find this article useful. Consider making the following changes in your bathroom to reduce the risk of injuries.

Start with the flooring

Some bathrooms have flooring that makes it extremely easy for you to slip, especially when some water gets on the floor. Shiny tile can be extremely slippery and you may find that replacing it with a textured or flat tile. There are also other types of flooring you can go with as well, such as a linoleum.

Turn the bathroom door around

Most bathrooms have doors that open inward, toward the bathroom. This can be a big problem if someone does fall or get hurt in the bathroom. When you go to open the door, they may be lying in front of it and if they aren't able to move, then you will have a hard time getting to them.

Have grip bars put in the shower

If you have a stand up shower, you should have at least one grip bar installed in the shower to help with balance.

Consider having a seat put in the shower

One big thing you can do to make showering safer and easier is to have it remodeled so the shower has a seat in it. You should also make sure there is a non-slip material on the floor of the shower to decrease the risk of slipping in the shower.

Have a walk in bathtub installed

If you or anyone in your home has any kind of mobility issues in the lower portion of their body, then the bathtub can be difficult to get in and out of. A walk in bathtub makes bathing much easier by offering a door in the side for you to walk through. The door is waterproof and this means the water will stay in the tub when the door is shut. There is also a seat to sit in so you can bath at a higher level and be able to simply stand up when you are done.

The changes listed above will help you to create a safer bathroom for yourself and other family members. For more information, contact plumbing experts in your area.


14 October 2015

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