Common Fees For Septic Tank Services


Having a septic tank cleaned is an annoying, yet necessary, expense every three to five years. If you don't have your septic tank pumped, then your plumbing system might cease to function and be irreparably damaged. Many homeowners have a separate pool of money that they use to fund having their septic tank pumped in order to guarantee that they have the money for it when the time comes. However, there are a lot of different fees that might accumulate during the process of pumping out your septic tank and getting rid of its contents.

The following are some of the most common fees for septic tank services. Before you contract with a company, make sure that you talk to them about their fees to see if there is any way that you can avoid them and to ensure that you are able to save up enough money to pay for the services. 

1. Digging Fees

If your septic tank is underneath the surface of the earth, it will have to be dug out at least partially in order to make it accessible to the septic tank services company. Call any of the companies that you are considering and ask if they charge an extra fee to dig out the septic tank. If they do charge an extra fee, consider digging out the tank yourself. You should have a record that states how deep the tank is buried and where you will need to dig in order to reach the entrance to the tank. Performing the job yourself will allow you to avoid this fee.

2. Poor Maintenance Fees

If you have just moved into a house that has a septic tank and you are reasonably sure that it was not well-maintained or pumped regularly, then you are going to need to disclose that to the company that will be providing septic services. Call up the company ahead of time and explain your suspicions. Then, ask them if there will be any extra charge for the additional time and extra water that will be needed to adequately clear the tank.

3. Disposal Fees

Talk to all of the companies that you are considering and see if the disposal fee is included with their stated price. Some companies will state a very low price but not include the money that's needed to cover the disposal costs. Make sure that you take this extra fee or lack of extra fee into consideration when you are choosing a company.

4. Inspection Fees

Finally, ask the companies that you're considering if they charge a fee for inspecting the incoming and outgoing areas of the septic tank for damage and leaks. You want this inspection because it will allow you to make sure that your septic tank is in good repair.

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29 July 2015

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