Can My Cat's Litter Box Affect My Furnace?


One of the struggles that comes with owning a cat is where to place their litter box. Many homeowners want it completely out of the way, so they choose to put it in a place where guests rarely go. If you make the decision to put the cat's litter box next to your furnace, you should be aware of the potential effects it may cause.

Dirty Flame Sensor

Every time your cat uses the litter box and goes to bury their waste, there is a cloud of dust that will come out from it. This dust from the cat litter can collect on the furnace's flame sensor, and it can eventually lead to the furnace refusing to turn on. The flame sensor can be found in the furnace's burner assembly. It works by confirming the presence of a flame when opening the furnace's gas valve, and will turn off the gas if no flame is detected.

The flame sensor can naturally become dirty, but a litter box next to your furnace can speed up the process. It will reduce the overall efficiency of the furnace until you can have the flame sensor cleaned or replaced by a professional.

Poor Air Quality

A furnace operates by blowing air throughout your home that originates in the furnace. If the inside of the furnace contains dust from a litter box, the dust can travel throughout your entire home. While you thought you were hiding the problem by putting the litter box out of the way, you actually could be making the problem worse.

Dust from a litter box can bother those in your home that have allergies or asthma and produce an odor as well. Ignoring the problem could result in needing to have your furnace professionally cleaned.

Ductwork Issues

After dirty air makes its way through your furnace, it will pass through the ductwork. Your air ducts are one of the hardest places to clean in your house, which is why it requires a specialized professional to do it for you. If you've had a litter box next to your furnace for years, there could be enough litter box dust to justify a ductwork cleaning.

Thankfully, avoiding these problems is as simple as placing the litter box in a different room of the house. If you have already been doing it for years, you may need to seek out a professional of furnace repairs in your area.


25 March 2015

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