Don't Get Stuck In The Cold - What You Can Do If You Can't Afford To Repair Your Broken Heater


When your heater breaks down, the repair costs can reach into the thousands. For many homeowners living on a tight budget, that number can be scary. However, you don't have to resign yourself to a cold home just because you don't have enough cash on hand. Here are a few options to consider that can help you get your heater running again in a jiffy. The Government May Offer You A Home Improvement Grant

11 March 2016

Creating A Safer Bathroom


The bathroom can be a dangerous room for anyone in your family. There are a lot of areas where a person can slip or they can get caught up trying to navigate around the bathtub. If you would like to take steps to make sure that your bathroom is as safe as possible, then you will find this article useful. Consider making the following changes in your bathroom to reduce the risk of injuries.

14 October 2015

Diagnosing A Lack Of Hot Water


Plumbing plays an integral role in almost every home in Canada. When it works, plumbing makes your life incredibly easy by providing you with clean water to drink, disposing of your waste discretely, and bathing you. It is only when your plumbing fails to work that you realize just how much you depended on it. To prevent you from being uncomfortable, here are some tips on how to diagnose a common plumbing problem: a lack of hot water.

17 August 2015

Common Fees For Septic Tank Services


Having a septic tank cleaned is an annoying, yet necessary, expense every three to five years. If you don't have your septic tank pumped, then your plumbing system might cease to function and be irreparably damaged. Many homeowners have a separate pool of money that they use to fund having their septic tank pumped in order to guarantee that they have the money for it when the time comes. However, there are a lot of different fees that might accumulate during the process of pumping out your septic tank and getting rid of its contents.

29 July 2015

Perplexing Plumbing Terms: 3 Terms To Understand Before Plumbers Fix Your Leak


From constant cleaning to periodic updates and repairs, the challenges of home ownership are easy to see. While you may be an experienced homeowner that can quickly solve minor issues without any help, most plumbing problems require professional service. Considering 30 percent of the total water supply is lost to leaking pipes, calling in the professionals when a plumbing issue arises is imperative to reduce this waste. Using this guide on perplexing plumbing terms, you will be more knowledgeable when the professional arrives to fix your leak.

8 April 2015

Common Questions About Heating Systems New Homeowners Often Have


Heating systems are essential for almost any type of building, but these systems are complicated enough to be vulnerable to a series of problems. These problems can impact the efficiency of the system, and this can force you to pay for expensive repairs and very high energy bills. Luckily, you can help improve your knowledge about this topic, and this should in turn help you better understand what your heating system needs to work at its maximum efficiency.

31 March 2015

Can My Cat's Litter Box Affect My Furnace?


One of the struggles that comes with owning a cat is where to place their litter box. Many homeowners want it completely out of the way, so they choose to put it in a place where guests rarely go. If you make the decision to put the cat's litter box next to your furnace, you should be aware of the potential effects it may cause. Dirty Flame Sensor Every time your cat uses the litter box and goes to bury their waste, there is a cloud of dust that will come out from it.

25 March 2015